The Equestria Girls and the Epic Tales of Captain Underpants is an animated comedy spin-off tv series based on the Dreamworks Animation web show that's based on the epic novels by Dan Pilkey. It's a continuation of the film as it follows Sunset Shimmer and her Equestria friends to help George and Harold with their crazy problems with the amazing Captain Underpants. The show is being developed by Andrew St. Germain as its produced by St. Germain and Jose Ramirez with Daniel Lawrence serving as an executive producer.


After the events of the film, George and Harold are now un-separated, but Krupp has a better plan that involves getting them expelled from school. But when their teachers and students are turned into villains based on their comics, the girls will have to help the boys defeat these new villains with the help of Captain Underpants!


Season 1

1. The Frenzied Farts of Flabby Flabulous
2. The Dreadful Debacle of DJ Drowsy Drawers
3. The Horrible Hostilities of the Homework Hydra
4. The Vexing Villainy of the Vile Vimpire
5. The Squishy Predicament of Stanley Peet’s Stinky Pits
6. The Terrifying Perilous Misfortune of the T.P. Mummy
7. The Costly Conundrum of Calamitous Clayossus
8. The Jarring Jerkiness of Judge J.O.R.T.S.
9. The Strange Strife of the Smelly Socktopus
10. The Flustering Mindless Woe of the Flushable Memory Wipes
11. The Soggy Salvation of the Swirling Sweatami
12. The Sickening Fumes of Smartsy Fartsy
13. The Troublesome Treachery of the Thieving Toot Fairy

Season 2



  • This is B-Master's first series based on the Equestria Girls and Powerpuff Girls Adventures.
  • Rapheal, from the 2012 Nickelodeon TMNT tv series, serves as a narrator throughout the series.