The Chipmunks Go Back To The Future

New Townville Wednesday 21th October 2015

The Team Are Watching TV And Hear The History Of The Delorean Time Machine After Seeing The End The Chipmunks Tell Them About The Time When They What Back In Time With The Delorean To Save Time & Space One Day Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown Founded The Institute Of Future Technology, A Scientific Institute Specializing In His "Futuristic" Inventions. On May 2, 1991, Doc Invites Alvin, Simon And Theodore As "Volunteers" In Order To Test Out His Newest Invention, The Eight-Passenger Delorean Time Machine, By Traveling One Day Into The Future. Meanwhile, Doc Travels To 2015 In The Original Delorean (A New Time Machine Being Built Out Of Another Delorean) To Make Sure The Space Time Continuum Is Back To Normal After The Events Of His Previous Time Traveling Adventures, While His Other Institute Scientists Travel To 1885 And 1955. However, Dick Dastardly And His Sidekick Muttley Travel Back In Time In Their Own Time Machine And Head To 1955, Where They Took Biff Tannen A Ride Back To The Present-Day Institute. Doc Explains To The Chipmunks That The Plan For Them Is To Travel One Day Into The Future, But That Caution Must Be Exercised As Biff, Who Was Graduated From The Hill Valley High School In 1955, Has Escaped His Time Period And Is Now Running Amok In The Space-Time Continuum With Help From Dastardly And Muttley. Once Inside, Doc Reveals Some Of The Inventions He Has Been Working On, Including His "Crowning Achievement" - An 8-Passengerdelorean DMC-12 Time Machine (Also A Convertible). Unknown To Doc, Biff Has Infiltrated The Institute - He Appears To The Chipmunks, Asking For Assistance In Finding Doc's Time Machine. Heather Then Announces That The Pre-Flight System Checks Are In Progress And Informs The Boys To Stand By For An Announcement From Doc. Biff Traps Doc In His Office, And It Is Revealed Dastardly And Muttley Have Stolen The Delorean Time Machine And Went Back In 1955 To Make Biff The Best Man. They Take The Delorean And Vanishes Into Time. Doc Frantically Pleads With The Chipmunks To Assist Him And Says That The Only Way To Bring Biff Dastardly And Muttley Back To The Present Day Is To Accelerate To 88 Miles Per Hour And Bump Them (Which Will Open A Time Vortex That Will Send Both Time Vehicles Back To Their Original Point Of Departure); They Enter The 8-Passenger Time Vehicle, Led By One Of Doc's Assistants, After Going Over Final Safety Instructions. Doc Then Informs The Chipmunks With Some Helpful Advice Saying That The Time Vehicle Biff Dastardly And Muttley Had Stolen Has A Sub-Ether Time-Tracking Scanner; That Way Whatever Time Period The Bad Boys May Be, The 8-Passenger Vehicle Will Pin-Point To That Exact Location. They Then Follow The Bad Boys Into Time. When The Doors Of The Time Machine Close, Doc Uses His Remote Control To Control The Time Machine, Hovers It, And Accelerates To 88 Miles Per Hour (With Electric Sparks Coming From The Time Machine And Speeding Through The Open Door And Blasting Through The Wormhole) And The Mission Begins. First, The Bad Boys Leads The Chipmunks To Hill Valley In 2015 Where They Chase Him Through Town. They Smash Into Neon Signs, Flying Over Neighborhoods And The Town Square, The Chase Culminating At The Iconic Clock Tower. He Then Departs For The Ice Age. The Chipmunks Follow, And Slowly Lower Into The Icy Caverns Of The Ice Age. Biff Honks His Horn, Causing An Avalanche That Damages The Chipmunks' Vehicle. Flying Out Of The Caverns, The Car Sees The Bad Boys Shoot Away Into Time, But Their Own Engine Has Failed, And Begins To Plummet Down A Waterfall. Doc Manages To Restart The Vehicle, Accelerating Backward And Through Time Into The Cretaceous Period. Upon Arriving, The Clock Display On The Delorean's Dashboard Blinks 12:00, As A Reference To A Videocassette Recorder That Has Lost Power. The Chipmunks Follow The Bad Boys’ Vehicle Into A Dormant Volcano In Which A Tyrannosaurus Is Discovered. Dastardly Goads It Into Attacking The Riders, Who Barely Escape. The Dinosaur Strikes The Bad Boys’ Car, Sending It Flying Out Of Control; The Dinosaur Then Swallows The Chipmunks' Car, But Spits It Out Mere Seconds Later. The Chipmunks Then Drop Down Onto A Lava River To See The Bad Boys’ Delorean, Now Damaged And Unable To Maneuver, Moving Down An Active Lava Flow Toward The Edge Of A Cliff, With Biff Pleading Help From Doc. As Both Vehicles Plunge Over The Edge, The Chipmunks' Car Accelerates To Time Travel Speed And Bumps Tannen's, Sending Both Of Them Back Through The Vortex To The Original Point Of Departure - The Present, At The Institute Of Future Technology (In Which They Crash Through The Big Neon Sign In Front), Where Biff Gets Out, Thanks The Chipmunks And Doc For Saving His Life, But Is Soon Grabbed By Security And Taken Away And Dastardly And Muttley Were Sent To Jail. The Chipmunks Exit The Vehicle, As Doc Thanks Them And Reminds Them That "The Future Is What You Make It!". As The Story Ends The Team Get A Message From Doc Brown That The Future Have Finally Arrived.


  • The Chipmunks (Alvin, Simon & Theodore)
  • Doc Brown
  • Biff Tannen
  • Dastardly & Muttley



The Chipmunks Go Back To The Future-0

The Chipmunks Go Back To The Future-0